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Mr, Munn saw that he held In his right hand a revolver. He
raised the revolver slowly, muzzle upward, and Mr* Munn,
with inheld breath, waited for the explosion. It came,
sudden and blasting, just by his head. A long moment, and
there was the roar of the volley behind him. His own
revolver leaped in his hand at the recoil, but the individual
explosion was swallowed up and lost.

Lights appeared in a few houses along the street. Some-
where farther down the street, a woman screamed, one scream
painful and sustained, then two short, gasping cries that con-
cluded on a complaining note. The lights in the houses
began to go out. After the head of the column had passed
the woman began to scream again.

"They ought to slap her and put her in a cold bath/*
Doctor MacDonald pronounced dispassionately. "That
brings 'em out of it."

At a trot the column climbed the rise toward the corner of
Jefferson and Main. It had reached the business section,
now, and moved between the stores where the cold-looking,
shadowy glass of the display windows gave blankly on the
street. Just before they reached the corner, Doctor MacDonald
commanded: "Hold your boys along here, Perse, at the
corner, you can see four ways there. They'll come up the hill
here, and go out Jefferson when they go."

"Yes," Mr. Munn said. He pulled his mare over toward
the curb. The column moved past him, and he watched it,
the uneven lines, the white, anonymous masks under the
flopping hat-brims. A good many of the mounts, he could
tell even in such a light, were jaded and work-worn. They
thrust their long necks out, and their bony, hammer-shaped
heads jerked mechanically with the motion of their bodies.
Some of them had been ridden pretty far already; and it
would be farther before morning.

His own band, and the band that would act with his, were
at the end of the column. Just before they came up even witib
him, he lifted his hand, and raggedly they drew to a halt
" Mr. Allen, Mr. Todd/' he ordered, " you all go dom Mala,